Saturday, March 6, 2010

Signs of Spring

The snow may still be knee-high or even deeper in many places, but there are many signs that winter is on his way out:
  • The phallic symbol we we sculpted from snow in early December finally fell on March 2. It had even withstood  assaults by teens but was no match to the warming rays of the sun
  • I removed the skis from my car. I somewhat miss them poking me in the ribs while I drive
  • I sprung for a car wash
  • On March 3, I went running instead of skiing
  • I ran without a hat and without gloves
  • The dog was occasionally running on grass 
  • The dog is in need of cleaning before coming back into the house
  • There were hardly any slippery spots on the sidewalk
  • Dairy Queen on Snelling is open

  • I caught glimpses of bare legs here and there
  • Day-time temps have been above freezing for more than a week 
  • The weather oracles are moving from snow storms to spring flooding

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