Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Most (Ob)Noxious Music of this Millenium's First Decade

Just stumbled over this on Le Monde's (one of France's largest newspapers) website:
It lists the artists whose music (or muzak, as he says) the author found most annoying during the last ten years. I learned two new things:
  1. I got an idea of what the French are listening to these days. It's by no means only French language stuff.
  2. I learned that the parents of Milhouse in the Simpsons speak with a Belgian accent
As you guys know, culturally, I am the proverbial babe in the woods. Thus, it should come to no surprize to you that I was not familiar with any of the artists in that blog, English language or otherwise. I do remember hearing about Axel Rose (hard rock or heavy metal, right?) but I could never identify one of his songs on the radio.
I do realize you do not speak French but that makes it even more interesting: it would be interesting for me to poll you to find out the following:
  1. How many of the artists listed do you recognize?
  2. Do you agree that their music is obnoxious?
  3. Do you agree with the order of obnoxiousness? (1 is more obnoxious, 10 is less)
  4. Did you know that Milhouse's family speaks French with a Belgian accent?
Happy to discuss the detailed content of the author's critique with you. 

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