Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Snow Bunny or Something More Sinister?

*26-Dec-2009 ♰2-Mar-2010

He was erected on the day after Christmas. We took advantage of mild temps and rain turning into heavy, sticky snow to mold this tall sculpture in our front yard. Somehow, the yielding snow did not support our sophisticated engineering techniques and after finishing, the structure began leaning ever so slightly, then a little more. He would have doubtlessly met an early demise by simply tipping over if it hadn't been for strong frosts following the December thaw. He even withstood the attacks of some roving New Year's Eve revelers who were only able to knock off the ears we had glued on to disguise what was really to be a fertility symbol.

Neighbors, teachers from a local junior high school and even university students shook their heads in dismay and grumbled under their breaths, averting their glances embarassed from this impudent monument to virility.  They oughtn't have worried, as the sculpture was sacrificed to the advance of the fertile season. He stood proudly for nearly three months but in the end, the sun go to him. By March 2, it colapsed under its own weight and by March 14, only a few lumps of coal remained ...

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